Daily Shot: Holiday Dinner Conversation No-Nos

Happy Thanksgiving! Ali and John are in the kitchen with Helen Cavallo of That's Fresh, and they're talking Thanksgiving dinner conversation no-nos. From money and inheritance, to politics and cooking - there are quite a few topics you may want to avoid during your holiday get-togethers. Plus, watch as Helen shares a mouthwatering recipe for a turkey-and-veggie panini made with Thanksgiving leftovers!

What are your holiday dinner conversation no-nos? Tell us in the comments!

More can't-miss moments: Ali talks a 32-year-old Scottish man who spends his days dressing up as a giraffe and doing good deeds; crazy, holiday-flavored foods - from White Chocolate Peppermint Pringles to Turkey & Gravy Soda from Jones Soda Co.; and a study where treadmills were put at people's work desks to help them lose weight.

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