Daily Shot: Hollywood's Glorification of the Heroine

Ali and John talk A. O. Scott's article in The New York Times Magazine that discusses how 2012 was the year of the woman. In films this year, women took on less of a chick flick-type role and were portrayed as stronger, more empowered females, as evidenced in The Hunger Games and Brave. Even television shows started featuring more empowering female characters, like Claire Dane's role in Showtime's Homeland and, dare we say it, Honey Boo Boo.

Who was your favorite female character in films this year? Tell us in the comments!

More can't-miss moments: Ali talks eBay, who's giving back this holiday season by donating 100 teddy bears to Ali's charity, Baby Love; a village in India that's banned the use of cell phones for women and girls; and bed bugs, which have started infesting library books.

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