Daily Shot: Are Parents Paying Too Much for After-school Activities?

Ali and John discuss just how much parents should be paying for after-school activities. From dance and playing musical instruments, to hiring after-school tutors for your kids - parents spend thousands of dollars on extracurricular programs. Since many schools offer their own after-school activities for free, is it worth it for parents to pay for these other pricey activities?

Do you think parents pay too much for extracurriculars? Tell us in the comments!

More can't-miss moments: Ali talks Alec Baldwin, the Jersey Shore cast, and other celebs who have been donating to Sandy victims; the Ohio woman who broke into her neighbor's house, cleaned it, and then left an invoice; and a saloon in the UConn territory that serves a cocktail called the Sourtoe - which is served with a severed toe in the drink.

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