Daily Shot: Stop Humblebragging About Your Kids!

Ali and John discuss humblebragging, when people say something and act like they're trying to be humble, but really, they're bragging. This is seen way too much on Facebook and Twitter -- especially by parents. Ali reads through a couple of these humblebrag posts, including a tweet by one of her friends: "Major headache - staffing for three houses." And the worst humblebrag to date? "How do I support my best friend whose toddler is developmentally delayed, when my own is so advanced?" What a predicament.

What's the worst humblebrag you've read? Tell us in the comments!

More can't-miss moments: Ali talks a new dating site for the over-50 crowd that was created by AARP and HowAboutWe.com; a "maternity mansion" in Chino Hills, Calif., that Chinese women are fleeing to so that their kids are born with U.S. citizenship; and Jacob Tomsky's book Heads in Beds, which discusses the dark side of staying in a hotel.

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