Daily Shot: Is Vigilante Justice Heroic?

Ali and John discuss the San Francisco woman Sonya Yu, who set up her own sting to catch a man who allegedly stole over $1000 worth of packages from her doorstep. She became a sort of vigilante after she caught this guy and went after him with bear mace spray and a wooden sword. Ali wonders if citizens' arrests should be allowed. Wouldn't it have been enough for her to videotape the man doing the crime and then let authorities handle the matter?

Do you think vigilante justice is heroic? Tell us in the comments!

More can't-miss moments: Ali talks an 8-year-old girl who got bit by a dolphin at Sea World's Dolphin Cove; Kim Kardashian, who's opening a milkshake shop in Bahrain; and Middle Eastern men, who are going under the knife to beef up their mustaches.

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