David Blaine: The Celebrity Who Kicked Me Out of His House

David Blaine has been buried in a coffin and frozen in a block of ice, has lived in a glass box for 44 days, and has held his breath underwater for 17 minutes. Now the illusionist is returning to primetime in his new special, "David Blaine: Real or Magic," wherein he travels around the world and into the homes of celebrities to show off his street magic.

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The magician is notorious for being stoic during his tricks, but he says that doesn't mean he isn't experiencing a thrill as well. "Even though I do magic and I'm always very stonefaced, I'm actually vicariously living through people's reactions," he explains. "That's the addiction to what I do."

There was one specific celebrity reaction that David considers the greatest of all. "Harrison Ford, he was the best." David had just finished performing a trick when the actor "kicked me out of his house," he says.

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You might think there's nothing that David is scared of, but he admits that's actually not the case. "To be honest, the most intimidating one that I've ever done in my life happens to be on this new show," he says. "I wanted to do this act where you drink kerosene and it floats on top of water in your stomach, but the guy that did it died from doing it." David performed the trick in front of Robert De Niro. "It looks so simple, but my whole crew — people were crying, people were trembling," he says. "But then I pulled it off."

To watch David's special magic trick for Ali, check out this episode of "Daily Shot."