Don’t Call Me ‘Perky!’ Things That Annoy Katie Couric.

During her 15 years on the Today Show, Katie Couric’s name always seemed to be modified by one adjective in particular: PERKY. So Ali invited Katie to stop by and do something very unperky. She invited Katie to complain.

“I have so many things that annoy me,” Katie joked to Ali. “I’m not really very nice.”

At the top of the list? “I hate it when people use bad grammar. Like, ‘He really doesn’t like Suzie and I.’” Grammarians will be quick to point out that it should be, ‘Suzie and me.’

Another thing that gets Katie’s goat is, “when people drive really slowly in the left-hand lane.” She admits to having “a little road rage,” but apparently not as much as Ali, who gets “all gangsta.”

Gum-smacking also appears on her list, as do people who push her seat back on airplanes when they get up.

To hear about the gross thing a fellow flying passenger did on Katie’s tray table, and the rest of Katie’s list, check out today’s episode of Daily Shot!

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