Easy Halloween Treat for Kids

Wondering what to bring to tonight's Halloween party? "MasterChef Junior" competitors Sofia Hublitz and Jack Hoffman show Ali a simple treat that will delight — and potentially gross out — your party guests: vampire dentures.

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Simply cut a chocolate chip cookie in half, spread red-colored vanilla frosting on one side and line one-half with mini-marshmallows to look like teeth. Place the other cookie half on top, like a sandwich, and use two slivered almonds or candy corn pieces to look like fangs. If you're feeling really gross, add a gummy worm tongue.

Though Sofia is no longer in the "MasterChef" competition, she's learned a lot along the way, especially from notoriously vocal host Gordon Ramsay. "When I messed up on my cake, he came over and helped me and he pretty much taught me when something goes wrong, never give up and learn from a mistake," she says.

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Jack, however, will compete in the final four. What does he attribute his success to? "I'm good under pressure," he says.

To watch Sofia and Jack make vampire dentures, check out this episode of "Daily Shot," and be sure to tune in to "MasterChef Junior" on Nov. 1 at 8 p.m. on Fox.