Everyday Items You Can Use as Beauty Products

Looking good can get expensive, but who needs to run to the pharmacy when you have all the beauty products you need at home or at the office? Beauty expert Emily L. Foley stopped by the "Daily Shot" studios to share some of the surprising items that can double as primping products.

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Notice some shine on your forehead before a big presentation? Stop by the bathroom and grab a toilet seat liner. "Rip off a little piece, and blot your face," Emily says. "It works just like oil blotting papers. It takes off the oil but doesn't take off your makeup."

If you've run out of eyebrow pencil, never fear. A standard No. 2 pencil will do the trick. "You color in any sparse places," Emily says. "It gives you a nice shadow, and you won't look like a drag queen."

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And if you didn't have time to shower this morning, give your hair a refresher with a dryer sheet. "Wipe it on the front, wipe it on the back," Emily recommends. "Not only is it going to get rid of any flyaways you might have, but it makes you smell nice and clean!"

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