Five Big Relationship Mistakes

On today’s episode: Matthew Hussey, a relationship expert on the new NBC show ‘Ready for Love.’ He’s got a new book out called, “Get the Guy,” but he joined Ali to talk about the biggest mistakes people make after they’ve gotten the guy (or girl), and are trying to have an actual relationship.

The first one, Matthew said--in his charming British accent--is competitiveness. “The key to any relationship is the extent to which you see each other as a team.” Couples who compete with each other won’t stay couples for long. Ali insisted that an exception should be made for tennis.

Next on the list is laziness, when people get too comfortable and stop doing the things that attracted their partner in the first place.

Another big relationship destroyer is overanalysis. “A guy will say something and a woman will go back to her friends and say, ‘what did he mean by that?’” Matthew says that men tend to be less detail oriented than women, and therefore women can drive themselves crazy by not simply taking a comment at face value.

For the last two major relationship killers, check out the video, where you’ll also see Ali giving Matthew a hard time for not being in a relationship himself.

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