Five Biggest Workout Myths

Michelle Bridges' 12-Week Transformation program is responsible for helping Australia's population lose a collective two million pounds. Now, the trainer and former host of "The Biggest Loser: Australia" is setting her sights on the United States, and she's starting by busting five of the biggest fitness myths:

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Myth #1: Walking is a great way to lose weight. "Going for a walk is fantastic, but if you're in the market for serious weight loss, you're going to have to start changing gears," Michelle says. "Gradually build yourself up." Jogging for 10 minutes burns 100 calories, while walking for the same amount of time burns just 20.

Myth #2: Never work out on an empty stomach. "Training on an empty stomach means that you're going to go straight into your glycemic levels," Michelle explains. "You're going to be burning fat immediately."

Myth # 3: Pilates and yoga are great for weight loss. Michelle says that while these classes improve flexibility, "if you want to lose weight quickly and get fit fast, you need to get into something with a little more intensity."

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Myth #4: You shouldn't train with weights every day. Michelle recommends varying what muscles you work and the intensity. "Work on your upper body one day and your lower body the other day," she suggests.

Myth #5: Weight training builds bulk. Michelle says that weight training will provide a great "engine" for burning more fat. "You're going to get a beautiful toned look, but with lean muscle mass, you're going to be burning more calories," she says.

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