Five Tips For A Successful First Date

It's hard enough getting a first date, and if you want to make it to the second date, relationship expert Matthew Hussey from NBC’s ‘Ready for Love’ has five easy tips.

First, he says don’t overprepare for a date because you’ll just be self-conscious and uncomfortable. “Sometimes going straight from work is good.”

Once you get there, be tactile immediately. Reach out and touch their shoulder or say hello with a kiss on the cheek. That lets your date know that this is not just an awkward business meeting.

And once you sit down, don’t do the obvious ‘sit across the table from one another’ thing. Sit side-by-side, because that creates a more intimate vibe.

In conversation, don’t try to be everything all at once. Matthew says, “Don’t be like, ‘I’m indoorsy but also outdoorsy. I’m a guy’s girl and also a girls’ girl.’ It looks like you’re trying too hard to please.” Be honest about what you’re actually interested in.

Who does Matthew say should pay on the first date? Check out the video to find out. And for more relationship tips, pick up a copy of his book, “Get The Guy,” which is in stores now.