Gross Mystery Ingredients In Popular Foods

You know that diet soda isn’t the most nutritious thing you can put in your body. But Jayson and Mira Calton, authors of Rich Food Poor Food, tell Ali that it’s just a few degrees of separation from embalming fluid.

The husband-and-wife nutritionist team brought a list of scary-sounding ingredients that are mixed into some of the most commonly available food items on the shelves.

Kraft Mac N Cheese, they explained uses Yellow 5 and Yellow 6 to get that vibrant color. Those ingredients are ‘coal tar derivatives.’ Coal tar is also found in lice shampoo. “This is all I feed my kids!” Ali admitted. Except that she feeds them Annie’s brand, which the Caltons deemed safe for consumption.

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Next up, the Caltons took on white bread. “If you’re not gonna eat the sole of your sneaker, “ said Mira, “I don’t think you should eat azodicarbonamide, which is an ingredient in a loaf of bread.” She explained it’s used to whiten flour, but is also an asthma-causing allergen, illegal in some countries.

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To find out what other food and beverages have in common with fire retardant plastics, gasoline, and animal excretions…consume today’s episode of Daily Shot!