Health Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

What health issues are you most sheepish about discussing with your doctor? ABC’s Dr. Richard Besser, author of “Tell Me The Truth, Doctor,” returns to Daily Shot to talk about what you shouldn’t ignore when it comes to snoring, sleeping, and sex.

Ali says the majority of her friends are about to file for divorce because of their husbands’ snoring. Dr. Besser explained that snoring increases with age, but it’s not something you should just ignore. “Snoring can be a sign of obstruction,” he says. “Pauses in breathing—that can be really bad for the heart.”

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Another sleep interruption to pay attention to: increased bathroom trips at night. “If normally you sleep through the night, there’s been no real change in your life, but now you’re getting up to pee once or twice a night, it can be a urinary tract infection,” Dr. Besser says, or even something more serious, such as diabetes or a blood pressure issue.

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While these sleep disruptions can indicate something is already wrong, interrupted sleep can lead to even more problems. “Sleep and memory are linked together,” the doctor says. “So if you’re not sleeping at night, your brain doesn’t have the chance to reboot, and so memory goes down.”

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