Holland Taylor on Ann Richards, Tattoos, and Charlie Sheen

Over the course of her long career, Holland Taylor has played her share of complex, dynamic, and saucy women, but her most recent project was at true labor of love. She created, wrote, and starred in Ann, the Broadway show based on the late governor of Texas, Ann Richards.

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“When Ann Richards died at just 73, I didn’t know her, but it had a big impact.” Four months after her death, Holland was driving to work at Two and a Half Men when the idea for the show came to her. “I had to pull over and the five principals of this play came to me in 15 minutes flat.”

While Holland tends to play women with big personalities, fans might not know the actress actively stays away from “too sweet” roles. “I don’t think it’s very real,” she says. “Sometimes you see scripts when there’s a mother who’s just a cliché warm, sweet mother. Well, I don’t know any of them, so I would not know how to do that.”

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If her lower back tattoo is any evidence of her true persona, her role choices won’t surprise. “Maybe I am a naughty girl,” she says.

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