Hollywood Parents Who Got It Right

You know her as Ellie on Cougar Town, but aside from being a star actress, Christa Miller is a devoted mom to three children. While her Hollywood status has allowed her insight into many celebrity family dynamics, it’s also exposed her to some of the more bizarre trends out there.

What’s one thing famous parents do wrong when raising their kids? “Giving kids stupid names,” Christa says. “You’re starting already. Just give a regular name!”

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Among the celebrity moms who are getting it right, she says, “I know some good Hollywood parents that are very strict and 'on it'… Jen Garner and Reese Witherspoon.”

Christa mentioned Reese’s rules on social media, and another celebrity friend who requires her kids to sign responsibility contracts when getting their first phone.

Ali confessed that she’s often “shocked at the sense of entitlement” among kids with famous parents, sharing the story of “a pre-kindergarten girl just walking out of school because she was bored.”

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People may assume that Hollywood parents are never there and rely on nannies to raise their children, but Christa assures that’s not always the case. She’s content being a strict mom, and surrounds herself with others who are, too. “Our friends that are actors and have kids are very hands-on,” she says.

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