How to Have an Epic Dining Experience

As the editor of Eater LA, Kat Odell goes out to dinner almost every night. With so much time spent in restaurants, she's picked up a few tips along the way on how to score an epic dining experience.

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If a restaurant is all booked up, never fear. "Go in a little bit earlier and sit at the bar," she recommends. "Become friends with the bartender, and a lot of times they'll help you get a table."

Kat's second tip involves just a tiny bit of bribery. "Chefs love to drink, so bring some beer, bring a bottle of whiskey to the restaurant, have it sent to back to the kitchen," she encourages. "I'm sure you'll get a couple of extra dishes."

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When trying a new restaurant, Kat adopts the wisdom passed down to her from her father, who said, "You can always judge a restaurant by the quality of bread and butter, or olive oil, that it serves at the beginning of a meal."

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