I Don’t Get It: Grindr Edition

If you are a gay man, or just a person who loves them, you’ve heard of Grindr, the most popular dating app out there. Some people might argue about the use of the word ‘dating,’ but no one can argue its success. In the four years it’s been around, it’s garnered more than six million users, 2.5 million of them in the last twelve months alone.

Now, Ali may be a married straight woman, but she was dying to have a frank conversation about Grindr with someone who had used it. Like a lot of straight people out there, she was curious about the casual nature of a Grindr hookup, where guys basically choose a potential hookup from a list of nearby users on their phone.

Sex educator Lucas Brooks offered to come in and break it down for her: how the app works, how the hookups are negotiated, and what happens when you meet up with a guy and he’s, like, fugz.

For another example of Ali’s willingness to ask the questions everyone else is too shy to ask…check out the video. To see more of Lucas, head over to his blog Top to Bottom.