If I Were Your Mom….

Justin Bieber fights with the paparazzi, Amanda Bynes gets her faced pierced, and Lindsay Lohan….well, she does what she does. Do you ever look at these young celebs acting out and think, “Where are their parents?”

So when Caroline Manzo,The Real Housewives of New Jersey matriarch, stopped by to talk about her new book, “Let Me Tell You Something,” Ali asked for her tough love take on young Hollywood.

You’d think Caroline would want to get all New Jersey on Lindsay Lohan, who was just sentenced to what will be her sixth rehab stint. But no. “I’m sorry, I just wanna give her a hug,” Caroline said. “Nobody hugs her.”

Justin Bieber, who grabbed headlines Monday by walking through airport security with no shirt on, has been on a tear of outlandish behavior lately. Caroline prescribed some firm but kind parenting for him. “I’m Mrs. Beiber? I’m taking my son away from social media and I’m taking him for a little R&R right now because I think he’s starting to slip,” said Caroline.

And what about Amanda Bynes, who recently tweeted “I want @drake to murder my vagina,” and appears to have recently gotten facial piercings? She apparently warrants the full New Jersey Housewife treatment. “I would take her by her earring,” Caroline said, “…bring her in the house and tell her where it’s at.”

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