Isabel Gillies: Surviving the End of Your Marriage

Isabel Gillies had what she thought was "the perfect life." She was married to a professor at Oberlin College, had two young children and a beautiful home, and was enjoying her acting career as Elliot Stabler's wife in "Law & Order: SVU." Then, things changed drastically. "He fell in love with someone in the English Department and left me very suddenly."

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Four years later, Isabel chronicles the demise of her marriage and the steps she took to get through it in her book "Happens Every Day: An All-Too-True-Story." Today, she's remarried and says that, "It's all good now. It truly, truly is."

Isabel says she made it through the dark period in her life by learning not to be resentful toward her ex-husband. "Life is long and big," she says. "It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness."

She also learned to appreciate and love the little, great moments of her day, even something small as enjoying a cup of yogurt with honey. "Those little moments build," she said. "And suddenly you have a bigger well of happiness."

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She believes "the antidote to tragedy is learning" and that those going through tough times should take up things that interest them to avoid dwelling on the sadness. "I took a little class on the health of the oceans, and even though I was so sad ... that's helpful."

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