Ja Rule Talks Prison and the Secret to His Marriage

Just a few months ago, rapper Ja Rule completed a two-year prison sentence for illegal gun possession and failure to pay taxes. Now, he's making his comeback with the new movie "I'm in Love With a Church Girl" and an upcoming album.

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Looking back on his time in jail, he says the experience wasn't what he expected. "A lot of guys are in there trying to relax, keep calm, keep cool, and hopefully get home someday," Ja says. "There's not as much craziness that you think might be going on."

While he was incarcerated, Ja earned his GED, and he's says he learned a lot about himself during the two-year stint. "Prison's a dark place," he says. "It's not a place where you want to be. It's a very humbling experience."

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Though it was difficult being away from his family, Ja is still happily married to his wife of 12 years. He says the secret to their relationship is to "keep it fresh." "You know, we role-play, we do a lot of crazy things," he says. "Some night I go to sleep with my 'mistress' and wake up with my wife!"

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