Jeanne Tripplehorn Remembers 'Basic Instinct'

You know Jeanne Tripplehorn from "Basic Instinct," "Big Love," and "Criminal Minds." Now, the gorgeous actress is starring in a new film, written and directed by her husband, Leland Orser.

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"Morning" is the story of a couple who lose their only child and how their relationship weathers that loss.

To make sure that such a heavy theme didn't affect their personal lives, Jeanne and her husband established strict rules. "We did not discuss it at home at all," she says. "I would not let it in the home." If they wanted to talk about it, they scheduled a set time at a coffee shop.

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She also says that she and co-star Laura Linney balanced the dark tone of the film by laughing between takes.

It's also how she remembers shooting her iconic sex scene with Michael Douglas in the 1992 film "Basic Instinct." "I laughed a lot, and I remember laughing that day, making jokes every time we cut."

Jeanne also told Ali what it's like working with the very attractive Shemar Moore on "Criminal Minds." To hear that, along with some hints on what's coming up on the show, check out this episode of "Daily Shot."