Joey Fatone’s advice for One Direction

Today, Ali welcomes the multi-talented Joey Fatone! You of course know him from *NSYNC and Dancing with the Stars, and now he’s got a new show on the Live Well Network called on My Family Recipe Rocks!

Ali couldn’t let Joey off easy and not ask him about his *NSYNC days. After he revealed the band’s pre-show ritual that occasionally kept the audience waiting (check the video), he gave her his advice for the boy band of the moment, One Direction. “Stay off twitter. Back then with *NSYNC we we didn’t have Twitter, didn’t have Facebook. It’s such an immediate response on stuff now that you gotta kinda be a little careful.”

Joey’s new show, however, is all about food. “I go to people’s homes,” he explained, “I go ‘hey, whaddaya got cooking?’ They go ‘this is what it is,’ I eat their food and I go home. It’s great.”

The show features ordinary people in ordinary real kitchens, just cooking up what their family has passed down from generation to generation. The weirdest thing Joey’s eaten, as a result, was “duck heart and brain.”

To hear about Joey’s weirdest experience eating food in strangers’ houses, check out the video. And to actually see him do it every week, check out My Family Recipe Rocks Sunday nights on the Live Well network.