John Gallagher Jr: Beyond the Newsroom

John Gallagher Jr. recently wrapped season 2 of The Newsroom, but he’s keeping tight-lipped about what’s going to happen between Jim and Maggie. “This season, there’s a lot of push and pull,” he says.

The actor did confess that he frequently tries to get Jeff Daniels to do Dumb and Dumber impressions on set. “He’s not having it,” John says. “But he is really excited about the sequel. He talks about it regularly.”

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Ali reflected on her own acting experience with Jeff Daniels, otherwise known as her imaginary husband, in the comedy Trial and Error. “We had to make out, and the next day I had lunch with him and I thought, ‘Well, now we’re in a relationship,’” she says. “And he had to explain to me that when the director says cut, it’s all make believe. It was really a harsh lesson for me.”

Aside from The Newsroom, John is passionate about this latest project, the movie Short Term 12, where he plays an employee at a group home for at-risk teens. “It is about hope, about finding a family if you’ve never had access to one,” he says. “We just wanted to tell a good story, and we wanted to tell a true story about what life is really like for some of these kids.”

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John also talked about the resilience of his good friend, Lea Michele, just over a month after her boyfriend, Cory Monteith, passed away. “She’s one of the toughest people that I’ve ever met in my life,” he says. “There is not a weak bone in her body. She’s super strong and super caring and has a great support system of family and friends around her."

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