Josh Duhamel Talks Fatherhood Fears

Josh Duhamel is starring in the new movie “Scenic Route” which hits theaters this August, but the celeb is busy preparing for a different sort of role… being a dad.

The actor and his wife, singer Fergie, are expecting their first child soon. “It’s something that we’ve always wanted,” Josh says. “I’ve always had a real affinity for kids, but I’ve never had to keep them. I play with them, get them all riled up, and give them back.”

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The beaming dad-to-be couldn’t be more proud about how great Fergie is doing. “My wife is handling the pregnancy amazingly well,” he says. “She looks so damn cute and she’s happy, she hasn’t been sick. It’s been really good.”

So has she had any weird cravings? “Yeah, but she had weird cravings before she was pregnant,” the actor joked. In reality, “she’s pretty conscious about what she eats and she’s stuck with it. She wanted to make sure she was feeding the baby good things.”

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When he's not busy getting ready for the baby, Josh has been spending a lot of time in the supermarket, but for the reasons you'd think. He's part of hidden camera project put on by Diet Pepsi where he surpprises unsuspecting shoppers as their cashier. "Some people recognized me, and some people had no clue. Those were the people we really had fun with!"

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