K-Pop: More Than Just Gangnam Style

Just when you thought it was safe to forget about that wacky horse dance everyone started doing this past July, South Korean YouTube sensation Psy is officially releasing a follow-up to his worldwide hit "Gangnam Style" today. (The song actually leaked online Thursday.) He’ll perform his new song, “Gentleman,” for the first time live in a YouTube broadcast airing early Saturday morning here in the states.

Whether or not the latest track hits the same level of success as Gangnam style, the fact that Psy has signed with Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, shows that there’s an appetite for Korean Pop music here in the states. Actress Anna Kendrick just did a Funny or Die sketch with the K-Pop group f(x).

So Ali asked music journalist Sam Lansky, of idolator.com to explain the phenomenon known as K-Pop.

While Psy is the best known K-Pop singer, Sam explained that he’s more “the court jester” of the genre. “There’s K-Pop that’s more serious, there’s K-Pop ballads, it doesn’t all sound like that.”

Sam’s bands to watch include 2NE1, who were voted the Best New Band in the World by the global music division of MTV.

Another favorite is Girls Generation, whom Forbes named in a list of most powerful Korean celebrities in 2011.

To hear Sam explain the rigorous training regimen of young K-Pop stars, check out the video.