Kathy Hilton: The Best Parenting Advice Came From Paris’s Sister

Kathy Hilton is an actress and fashion designer, but her most famous role may be that of a mom. While she has four kids, Kathy says her two daughters--socialite Paris Hilton and fashion designer Nicky Hilton--had the biggest impact on her parenting style.

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Kathy says she was brought up in a very strict household, and when she became a mom at 19, she stuck with what was familiar. “We were raised very strict, and I was that way because that was all I knew,” she says.

She applied the same philosophy with her older daughter Paris, who went on to make headlines for her hard-partying ways, even ending up in jail on a few occasions. Kathy says Paris gave her a run for her money "for a good 2 or 3 years."

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During that period, Kathy’s younger daughter, Nicky, gave her an important piece of advice. “She said ‘Mom, do yourself one favor. Do not box me in like that.’” Kathy loosened the reins and saw how it affected Nicky. “I could leave the house for a month, Nicky would pay all the bills, run the house if I needed her to,” Kathy says. “She never gave me one day of trouble.”

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