Kelli Giddish: Mariska Has Only One Flaw

In 2011, Kelli Giddish joined "Law & Order: SVU" as Detective Amanda Rollins, an Atlanta transplant who moves to NYC to join the Special Victim's Unit. As a new cast member, she found some of the heavy storylines stayed in her mind long after she left the set. "When I first started the show, my nightmares were so screwed up," Kelli says about her vivid dreams, mentioning one in particular that ended with her "getting chloroformed in a pickup truck with five rednecks."

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Three seasons later, Kelli Giddish is used to heavy storylines and full of love for her fellow castmates. She says when things get intense on set, she turns to her onscreen partner to lighten the mood. "You have Ice-T there to even it out," Kelli says. "Being Ice-T's partner is such a joy. He's one of the wisest men I've ever met in my life."

Kelli has almost nothing bad to say about SVU megastar Mariska Hargitay. With Ali looking for blackmail ammunition, Kelli admitted Mariska does have one embarrassing quality. "Her breath is so bad when she's on those green drinks!" she says. "I've told her. I'm like what are you drinking? What is that? She's like 'It's garlic, OK?'"

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