Laura Prepon on Ashton, Mila, and Going to Jail

Laura Prepon is best known as Donna Pinciotti, the witty redhead on Fox’s long running sitcom That '70s Show, but she’s back on the small screen in a role that might raise some eyebrows. She plays a manipulative international-drug-smuggling lesbian in the new Netflix series, Orange is the New Black.

The series follows a Piper Chapman (Taylor Shilling), a New York woman who is sent to federal prison when a crime she committed years before comes back to haunt her.

Laura was excited for something different. “There are all these network lawyer shows being made, another CSI, another this, another that. I’m like, ‘I get to play a manipulative drug smuggling lesbian? I want to do that!’”

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“Do you kiss her?” Ali asked about Shilling’s character, Piper.

“We do a lot more than kiss, girl.”

“Gotta love cable!” Ali said. “You can’t do that on That 70s Show!”

Even with her new role, she makes it a priority to stay tight with her That '70s Show castmates. “It was eight formative years,” she says. “We all grew up together. We’re seriously like family.”

She also weighed in on the romance between Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis.

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“Do you think they’ll get married?” Ali asked.

“Yeah, they probably will,” she said. “They’re both awesome. They’re such good people.”

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