Lauren Conrad On Sexy Summer Styles

Lauren Conrad got her start on the reality shows Laguna Beach and The Hills, but she’s since parlayed her talents an empire, with multiple fashion lines, a few NY Times Bestselling books, and a lifestyle website.

When she stopped by Daily Shot, Ali asked her to play a round of “Summer Fashion Trends: Sexy Or Stupid?”

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Ali started with a few denim trends. Lauren thinks geometric and floral prints are sexy “if worn properly.” Bleached denim falls in the ‘stupid’ category. Striped black and white denim is sexy, “as long as it’s a vertical stripe, and the rest of your outfit is really toned down.”

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Lauren was also surprisingly pro-overalls. “Maybe with like a little more feminine shirt,” she said. “Kinda just cute ‘em up. They’re like a weekend outfit.”

As for the ubiquitous summer crop top, Lauren says it’s sexy, “with something high-waisted so you really only see like maybe a half an inch of skin.” But of course, you have to have the right stomach for it. Lauren designates this outfit, “a privilege, not a right.”

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