Margaret Cho On Eating Disorders

Margaret Cho is best known as a comedian who makes audiences laugh with her hilarious impressions of her mom, but she stopped by Daily Shot for a rather serious conversation with Ali about mental health and body image.

Cho famously went into kidney failure after being told to lose weight for her 1994 sitcom, All-American Girl. “The show was developed about me, so I was too fat to be me, which is absurd.”

When the show was cancelled after six months, Margaret noted, “it was replaced by Drew Carey, because he was so thin.”

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And while Margaret agrees that images of women in the media can be pervasively unhealthy, she says women can occasionally be their own worst enemies "it's a collective disease that women are giving each other all the time, we're all sort of out there valuing a certain kind of body.”

But she says that age has changed her perception of what she looks like.

“There is so much beauty I have now, as opposed to when I was younger. Getting older is actually something that makes women more beautiful."

To hear Margaret also talk about season 5 of Drop Dead Diva, check out this episode of Daily Shot!

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