Married Names vs Maiden Names

There’s a new tabloid rumor every day about when Jennifer Aniston will marry her hot boyfriend Justin Theroux. And while no one can figure out when the wedding will actually take place, they’re all saying that the actress is planning to take her boyfriend’s last name. So Ali sat down with comedian Ophira Eisenberg to talk about the pros and cons of changing your name when you get married.

A recent survey found that fewer than ten percent of American women plan to keep their names after getting married, down from 23 percent in the nineties.

Both Ali and Ophira kept their last names when they got married. Ali says she kept hers because, "I can't spell my husband's name to save my life." (If you didn't already know, Ali's husband is George Stephanopoulos.) Ophira kept hers because, "it never occurred to me once to take my husband's name."

Both women agreed that the case for taking a husband’s name, these days, often comes down to convenience. Ali always says, “Ali Stephanopoulos” when she writes a note for her daughter's school. Since that’s her daughters last name, "I don't want them to be like, 'Ali Wentworth…Ali Wentworth…is that Milo's mom?'"

“It's compensating for everybody's lack of being able to understand how complicated life is," said Ophira.

Now what about couples who combine their last names two form an entirely new name? The ladies had some choice comments about that trend. Check them out in the video!