Men: It’s Ok To Cry At These Movies

Ali’s husband George has been known to cry at his share of movies, and it doesn’t make her love him any less. But she knows that men, in general, don’t like to admit that a movie has made them cry, because they think it makes them lose ‘man points,’ or something. So she invited Roger Hailes from the Yahoo! Show, Mansome, to talk about which movies men will freely admit crying over.

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Roger first mentioned Old Yeller because, “I don’t care if you’re the most macho dude in the world, if you watch Old Yeller, and don’t cry, you hate dogs.”

Next on the list? The football movie, Rudy. “He was small, but he had a lot of heart!’ Roger shouted, emphatically. “I spent a lot of time on the bench as an athlete, so it really hits home.”

Roger’s third tear-jerker is Deliverance. “I cried out of fear. Also I watched that movie when I was nine.”

“You were probably crying because you had horrible parents,” Ali replied.

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