Montel's Health Mission

Emmy Award-winning talk show host Montel Williams was on the air for 17 years, and now he's back with a new mission — promoting good health education to help people live longer on his Web series, "Living Well With Montel."

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When the star was originally diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, the prognosis seemed bleak. "I was told by a doctor, (who) looked me right-dead in the face and said, 'You will be in a wheelchair in four to five years, period,'" he said.

But after a period of "woe is me," Montel says he did some soul-searching. "I did some real hard research and started building my life around facts that could help impact my illness ... one symptom at a time," he said. And his condition began to improve.

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Montel's quest to educate himself inspired him to educate others with his Web series, "Living Well With Montel." "I'm going to exercise every tool I can, to live as best I can," Montel says. "I'm not telling you that I have a cure, but I'm going to tell you I can get you the information to help you ask the right questions."

"I want to build a community so that everybody's talking together, explaining what works and what doesn't work and giving people the right questions to ask."

He stresses that asking questions can empower people to educate themselves about their personal health challenges and face them. "I have MS," he says. "MS will never have me."

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