Most Frequently Asked Questions About Men

Wondering why men do the things they do? We typed "Why do men" into the Yahoo search engine and asked comedian Jo Koy to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about guys.

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Why do men like younger women? Jo insists that not all men do. "I like an older woman," he says. "I think it's just kind of annoying to take a girl out that just hasn't experienced anything."

Why do men always have to be right? Jo says that's not the case anymore. Before the Internet, he says, it was just too much work for women to prove their men wrong. "Now you just go to the Internet and you can find out that the guy's wrong."

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Why do men always touch themselves? "Because it's always tangled, no matter what!" Joe explains. "You have to untangle it somehow."

What do men think about implants? According to Jo, it doesn't matter. "I like boobs in general," he says. "If a woman chooses to get implants, I'm all right with it."

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