New Relationship? Don’t Do This For 30 Days.

The advice that a woman shouldn’t sleep with a man on the first date may seem old-fashioned, but Dr. Wendy Walsh says it’s a notion that couldn’t be more modern. In fact, the author of “The 30-Day Love Detox,” says you should wait exactly that, 30 days.

“The truth is, you want them to leave in the first 30 days,” she told Ali. “It’s about getting rid of the ones who are not gonna fulfill you.”

She then dropped the stat that, if one hundred men, age 18-24, go on a first date on a Friday night, 20 percent of those dates will end in sex. Dr. Walsh said she still thinks that’s too high, but “what I hear from that is that 80 percent of women are smart enough to expose their eggs and their bloodstream to somebody they don’t trust.

“But,” Ali asked, “don’t you think sexual compatibility is important?”

Dr. Walsh replied that doesn’t think sexual chemistry is necessarily the biggest factor in a healthy, happy relationship. “One study of 2000 couples showed that the hotter the sexual chemistry early on, the worse the relationship outcomes.”

So how does sex on the first date affect the chances of a relationship lasting in the long-term? Hear Wendy’s answer in today’s episode of Daily Shot!