Newlyweds’ Lessons From the First Year

Kim and Alaska Gedeon were dating for six years before they got engaged. But before they got married, they decided to test their relationship by allowing a Bravo crew to follow them around for the first year of their marriage. Kim, a celebrity stylist, and Alaska, a director of A&R at Atlantic records, have learned that the cameras were just one of many challenges. So how’s it going? “Well, we’re still married,” Kim says.

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While the show covers the first year of Kim and Alaska’s marriage, Ali started off by asking them about some pre-wedding drama. Kim told her sister and her two closest friends and that anyone who wanted to be a bridesmaid had to lose 10lbs. In the end—she didn’t have any bridesmaids.

“I’m still ok with that,” Kim said, in hindsight. “They were mad, but they weren’t surprised. They were like ‘this is Kim, she’s a stylist, she’s around bodies all day, she’s looking at glamorous people.’”

Kim says that, of the three women, two are still talking to her. “But what’s upsetting is they’re all losing weight right now! They look amazing.”

To hear how they stay both traditional and independent, and to hear what surprised Kim about Alaska once they moved in together, check out this episode of Daily Shot.

Newlyweds The First Year airs Mondays at 10/9c on Bravo.