No More Picky Eating

Does your child turn his nose up at vegetables? Does your daughter refuse to eat anything but spaghetti? Chef Curtis Stone is the author of a new book called, “What’s For Dinner: Delicious Recipes for Busy Life,” and as the father of 17-month-old Hudson, he has some ideas on how to get your kids to try new things and avoid common mealtime mistakes.

Now, Curtis once got Hudson to try a mild curry, but you don’t have to be the host of Top Chef masters to diversify your child’s palate. Curtis told Ali that one of the top mistakes parents make when feeding kids is that they run out of patience. If Hudson is spitting food back out at him, “I’ll give him a break for ten minutes, and then try again, and then he’s good as gold.”

Another mistake? Introducing processed fun foods like PB& J too early. “What happens is, they want that, and they start thinking, well, I don’t like this carrot as much as that other thing you gave me.”

For Curtis’s hints on how to put a positive spin on spinach, and how to include even your youngest kids in food prep, check out the video!