Noisy Neighbors Help Guy Get Over Bad Breakup

Charlie McDowell had just been dumped, and was heartbroken. In fact, he was lying on his floor, sobbing, when he heard a voice from above. It was his neighbors—two girls—having a really loud conversation. He was so busy being annoyed, that it actually distracted him from his heartbreak.

The distraction proved helpful. And that was the beginning of Charlie’s relationship with his upstairs neighbors, whom, he says, he had no choice but to listen to. They were just that loud, and the ceiling was just that thin. At first, to deal with the annoyance factor, he just started tweeting some of their more fascinating statements. And eventually, he was inspired him to write an entire book called, “Dear Girls Above Me.”

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Charlie grew up with a lot of sisters, so he thought he understood women pretty well. But the more he listened, the more he learned. Particularly about dating. “Being smart is more interesting” he says, “and that’s what I look for in a girl, instead of just ‘oh, she’s hot and stupid.’” Charlie says that these days, he’d take a Lena Dunham type over a Kardashian type in a heartbeat.

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