One Thing That Makes ‘The Talk’ With Kids Easier

Talking to kids about sex is not something parents look forward to. The way your parents talked to you may not work these days. Ali’s daughters are 10 and 8, and she says they are starting to ask questions she isn’t always sure how to answer. So she asked Bruce Feiler, bestselling author of ‘The Secrets of Happy Families” and 12 other books, for some helpful hints.

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“It’s not ‘a talk,’ it’s a series of talks,” he says. “There’s one when they’re 18 months, there’s one when they’re four, there’s one when they’re six, and there’s ten. And you wanna have it before they’re 11, 12, 13, 14, because by then, they’re tuning you out.”

“It’s easier to have these conversations if you’re not looking them directly in the eye.” Why? Kids are looking at devices so much these days that “eye-to-eye contact can be overwhelming.”

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The best place to talk about these topics, Bruce says, is in the car where you’re not looking at each other, but they can’t get away. You could also be folding laundry or cooking. Just so long as you’re not sitting them down and looking them in the eye.

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