Paulina: Simon Thinks He Can Breastfeed His Baby

Simon Cowell will become a dad this February when his girlfriend Lauren Silverman gives birth. Fellow 'X Factor' judge Paulina Rubio says his impending fatherhood, along with the influence of the 'X Factor' cast this season, have made the curmudgeonly Brit a whole lot nicer. “He is all around girls, and he is a better Simon,” Paulina says. “He’s cuter!”

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Paulina also revealed a surprising conversation she had with the notorious judge. “He told me the other day he was going to breastfeed,” Paulina says. “I said, 'Well, good luck.' Because he’s Simon, he can do whatever he wants!”

As a judge on a high-stakes competition, Paulina sometimes finds it difficult to hurt the hopes of the competitors. “In your decisions are the lives of so many talented people,” she says. “But you are a judge and you have to tell them what you think. It’s hard, sometimes I cannot sleep.”

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So what is the 'X factor,' after all? “For me, it’s charisma, poise, talent, presence,” Paulina explains. “We’re looking for someone who is so special.”

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