Plastic Surgery Secrets!

Heather and Terry Dubrow from Real Housewives of Orange County stopped by to chat with Ali about the fireworks erupting on this season so far. First up: their on-camera fight where the word ‘divorce’ was mentioned. Heather assures Ali that it was just a regular bump in the marriage road. “You know what the truth is? I think that if every week we were running through fields of daisies…how boring would that be?”

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Ali then went on to ask about Terry’s work as a plastic surgeon. He and Heather swear she’s had no work done, least of all by him. “I will eventually,” she said, “and everyone already assumes I’ve had everything done.”

Terry said one of the biggest surprises patients have comes from unrealistic expectations about how long recovery will take. “There’s a lot more numbness, pain, bruising, swelling,” than people assume.

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And the most painful surgery, he says, is a tummy tuck. “Because you’re tightening the muscle. So for five days you’re bent over saying, ‘Are you kidding?’”

A large number of people are willing to deal with a little pain, apparently, for Kate Middleton’s nose. “They like it because it’s imperfect,” Terry added.

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