Plus Size Style Tips

Style blogger Alissa Wilson was frustrated with the lack of resources for plus size women, so she started Stylish Curves, a blog that encourages women to love their bodies by showing them how and where to shop.

What does she say is the biggest mistake women make while shopping? Paying too much attention to the tag. Women “look at the size on the tag as opposed to shopping for their body shape,” she says. “They’re so concerned with that number, that they don’t give themselves the opportunity to look at other items that will fit their shape.”

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Alissa also explained why shapewear is a girl’s best friend. “If you’re going to wear a body-hugging dress, you need foundation,” she says. “It helps create and define a shape as opposed to being all willy-nilly.”

That holds true most of the time, but the summer is more of a challenge. “If it’s like 90 degrees, you just gotta be ready for all the jelly.”

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And when the temperature rises, so does the risk for chub rub, that fiery summer inner thigh chafing. How does she prevent it? “Vaseline. And Monistat has a nice little chub rub cream."

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