Pregnant and Dating?

Celebrity stylist Melissa Meister has a successful career working with A-listers such as Taylor Swift, Shakira and Serena Williams. But she'd always wanted a child. She got pregnant with a man she'd been in a three-year relationship with, only to learn that, "he decided he wanted to be in another situation. Another relationship."

Her friends encouraged her that the best way to get over her ex was to get back out there. That's the premise for Melissa's story line in the reality show Pregnant and Datingon WEtv.

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Still, dating is the last thing you'd think a pregnant woman would want to do. But Melissa says, "I wanted to be kind of a risk taker and really, dating's awful, and I wanted to think maybe this is an opportunity for me to duty-date and get some experience and ask some people some questions I might not have been asking if I wasn't pregnant."

But, what kind of guy goes out with a woman who's already pregnant? "There were a few frogs," Melissa says.

Now, she has a six-month-old baby boy named Arrow, and says she's glad she didn't just sit home stressing out about her situation, because going out and having interesting conversations brought good energy to her and her baby.

She also says that, despite some of the less pleasant side effects of pregnancy, she'd never felt more beautiful.

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