Ray J Says He’s Happy for Kim K

In this episode: Ali sits down with reality show star Ray J to talk about his hosting gig on Bad Girls All-Star Battle. The Oxygen network show features 14 women from past seasons of Bad Girls competing for $100,000 and the title of "Baddest Bad Girl of All Time.”

And if you don’t know Ray J from that, or For the Love of Ray J on VH1, you’ve still probably heard of him. He’s ‘that guy in the Kim Kardashian sex tape.’

So when he came out with his latest single, feminist anthem I Hit it First, a lot of people naturally assumed it was about Kim Kardashian. But Ray J insists to Ali that he’s singing about ‘a few past relationships.’

“It’s a sensitive subject, so I just kept it neutral,” he says.

Ali asks Ray J, “Are you happy she’s pregnant now?”

“I’m happy for her,” he replies.

“Why put the song out now?” Ali follows up.

“It was on the schedule,” he replies. Ray J says the song was long slated for release around the same time as the premiere of Bad Girls All-Star Battle.

Ali asks Ray J if there is any hair-pulling this season. “It gets pretty intense,” he says.

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