Real Body Style

“To hide the belly, you’re gonna wanna do a peplum,” Kenyatta Jones says, “it’s gonna cinch in the waste and hide the stomach.”

High heels. “They make your posture amazing and they make your legs look amazing, even if you have cellulite.”

Maxi dresses are great for all women, but particularly for curvy women because they’re “long and it makes you look lean.”

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But they key to any look, she says, is shapewear. “Foundation is the key. I always say foundation before fashion.”

And for bathing suits, Kenyatta loves the fatkini. “They’re very high-waisted,” she says, giving women more support and coverage so only about an inch of midriff skin is showing. “If you have the confidence to rock it, I’d say get a fatkini.”

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Kenyatta also talks about why plus-sized fashion is about to take off, and what’s coming up on House of Curves in this episode of Daily Shot!