Real Housewives Get Physical

They’re back, and they're on fire. The fifth season of Real Housewives of New Jersey may be the most dramatic yet.

Why is there so much fighting? Melissa Gorga explains, “There’s something about family. It’s a force of nature.”

Kathy Wakile adds, “I’ve been known to duke it out with my sister.”

Melissa says that sometimes the cameras happen to catch a whirlwind of cat fights, and that's just how their family deals with problems. "Just when you think there's nothing left...there's a lot more to come," she explains.

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Wondering what insults push them over the edge? For Melissa it’s being called “fake,” and for Kathy, “People say that I’m a follower. I’m not a follower.”

Since every Real Housewives series features some famous outlandish quotes, Ali put Melissa's and Kathy’s Housewife knowledge to the test in a game of “Words of a Housewife.”

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So who said what in Ali's list of crazy quotes? Play along with Melissa and Kathy in this episode of Daily Shot.