Regina Hall: The 'Scary Movie' Line She Most Regrets

Regina Hall is best known for her role as Brenda Meeks in the "Scary Movie" franchise, but there's one line that makes her cringe looking back. In "Scary Movie 2," Brenda attempts to spice things up in a love scene. She ends up yelling a string of obscenities at her onscreen partner, much to his horror.

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That very string of obscenities, she says, is the line that most often gets quoted back to her by fans. Looking back, Regina says the line gave her "a moment of pause." "I thought, 'This is what I'm putting into the minds of the youth today.'"

Now she's starring in a new movie, "The Best Man Holiday," about college friends who reunite 15 years later over the holidays. She was thrilled to film with her "Best Man" co-stars again, but that didn't make one particular scene any less awkward.

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"There's a scene I have to shoot with Harold Perrineau where I'm simulating being a 'good wife' in the morning," she says, alluding to one of the film's spicy moments. "You're pretending, but you've still got to go under the sheets. You've got to get really close, or else it looks fake."

Luckily, Harold was a considerate onscreen partner. "Nothing was musty, I must admit," she says. "That's a good co-star. He cared."

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