Rocco DiSpirito's Healthy Eating Mission

You might be surprised (or horrified) to learn that most Americans consume 3,790 calories a day. Rocco DiSpirito is setting out to change that with his new book, "The Pound a Day Diet."

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The celebrity chef's diet plan involves 28 days of menus that include meals, snacks, and drinks. The recipes add up to just 850 calories a day. "When you eat only 850 [calories], you create a deficit of enough calories to burn a pound of fat," he says.

Rocco says it's still possible to eat the foods you love. He showed what one day of healthy eating looks like on the plan: a grapefruit and chocolate shake for breakfast; a rotisserie chicken salad for lunch; a banana smoothie snack; turkey bacon-wrapped chicken with rutabaga slaw, iced tea, and raspberries with yogurt for dinner and dessert.

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"You're eating every two-and-a-half to three hours," Rocco explains. "It's called metabolic fasting. It's the opposite of fasting. Fasting causes weight gain. ... The idea is to make a few swap-outs."

Rocco's mission to make the world a healthier place doesn't stop with his new book. He also works with Dr. Oz's HealthCorps board to visit schools and teach kids how to make informed nutritional choices. "We bring this kind of food to kids to show that healthy and delicious are not mutually exclusive," he says. "They're the people who are going to change the tidal wave of unhealthy choices."

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