Ross Mathews: The Celebrity Who Made Unwanted Advances on Me

Ross Mathews turned his obsession with pop culture into a career. Now, he's connecting superfans with their favorite celebrities on his E! show, "Hello Ross." "On our show I try to do something different with celebs in ways you haven't seen them before," he explains.

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"We had Gwyneth on, and she's so superannoying healthy," he says. So Ross decided to cook his grandmother's famous potatoes for the movie star, complete with full-fat cheese and sour cream. "I force-fed her my nana's potatoes," he says.

Other wild celebrity moments include a surprise kiss from former Spice Girl Mel B. "She grabbed me and made out with me. There was lip gloss everywhere!" Ross recalls. "Because it was her, I was into it. Normally, lady tongue is not my cup of tea."

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Ross also told the story of another surprise advance he was a bit less enthusiastic about. "We were shooting a piece with Brigitte Nielsen, and she like grabbed my face," he says. "Tongue inside my mouth, all around!"

Despite the fun and games on Ross's show, the host takes his public platform seriously when it comes to helping people stay safe. He partners with OraQuick, the first in-home oral HIV test. With rates of HIV/AIDS on the rise, Ross encourages people to get tested. "You swab your mouth, and 20 minutes later you know your status," he says.

Which celebrity would Ross love to meet so that he can "French-braid her real hair?" Watch today's "Daily Shot" to find out.